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Carnivorous Plant Care

Carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plant are becoming popular for adults and kids alike! They’re a great learning tool, and so

Mosquito Repelling Permaculture Pack

We’ve added a permaculture pack in our store that contains plants that are low maintenance and require very little water. They provide many benefits in

Succulent Plant Care

  Light Most succulents need full sun to maintain their color and shape. You’ll want to put your succulents in a south facing window where


We have several tips and tricks for planting bulbs of all kinds. We also carry bulbs at our Garden Center!

Planting and Care Guide

Keep your plants healthy from the time you take them home from our nursery. Learn about planting, watering, fertilizing and more…

Pruning Tips

Here are some quick tips and techniques on pruning.