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Nature Wise Compost


100 in stock

1 Cubic Yard
5 Gal Bucket
Dump Truck Delivery

…or come by our store in Marshfield, MO and we’ll help you load it

Nature Wise Compost


100 in stock

Our Nature Wise Compost is sourced from Kansas City and is 100% natural. It’s produced from lawns, gardens, tree trimmings, and grocery waste that are exposed to bacteria, heat, and aeration over time.

Benefits of the Nature Wise brand are:

  • finer texture
  • no weed seeds
  • no harmful pathogens
  • no poultry or human waste
  • lab-confirmed free of pesticides and herbicides

See more benefits of using compost here: Compost Benefits

Dump truck delivery charge is applicable for addresses within 15 driving miles of the store .

We can deliver most other material for $75 within 15 miles of the store, plus $6 each additional mile. See location

Most deliveries can be completed within a week.

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