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Mesa Adobe Curved Blocks


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Desert Blend
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The Mesa Adobe Curved is a large retaining wall block. Coming in at 75 pounds apiece, they are more suited for contractors or tall/large projects where more block weight is required, such as large retaining walls.

This retaining wall block features a lip so you can easily create the appropriate setback on your wall. There are also hand-holds on the underside of each block so you can easily lift and guide these blocks into place knowing your fingers are safely out of harm’s way. Works great for curved walls.

See the Mesa Gardner block for a smaller version of these retaining wall stones.
See the Mesa Adobe Straight for a flat block face.

Our retaining wall blocks and pavers are manufactured locally by Stockman Stoneworks in Jefferson City, Missouri. We carry a large selection of their products and we’re happy to special order anything we do not have in stock.

…or come by our store in Marshfield, MO to meet with our helpful staff.

Delivery starts at $75, but varies greatly depending on:

  • The number of loads required;
  • If you can offload; and
  • Your distance from the store.

Please call us with your details and we’ll be happy to provide pricing.

Most deliveries can be completed within a week.

Retaining wall blocks are measured by their front facing square footage.

If you calculate the length x height of your wall, you’ll arrive at the square footage you need. Then divide by the square footage of an individual block to get the number of blocks you need.

(It’s always a good idea to add on 10% to be safe.)

If you purchase by the pallet, simply return the pallet in good condition for a $15 credit to use on your next trip to Grass Roots. “Good condition” means that there is not more than one board missing or broken.

We cannot offer returns on hardscape products. Please be sure to calculate your needs carefully before purchase.