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Cedar Mulch


1 Cubic Yard
5 Gal Bucket

…or come by our store in Marshfield, MO and we’ll help you load it

Cedar Mulch


Mulch helps the soil retain moisture, protects your plants from drastic temperatures, and adds a nice background color to your landscape beds. It also helps with weed control.

Cedar mulch in particular breaks down as a slower pace than most other mulches. Insects dislike the smell of cedar, so this type of ground cover actually helps with pest control!

**add dark brown mulch as a color variation?

Dump truck delivery charge is applicable for addresses within 15 driving miles of the store .

We can deliver most other material for $75 within 15 miles of the store, plus $6 each additional mile. See location

Most deliveries can be completed within a week.

Cubic Yard Calculator

Length (ft)
Width (ft)
Depth (inches)
Cubic Yards Needed
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Find out more about estimating bulk materials here.