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3/8″ Clean Limestone Chips

Available for pickup. Call for delivery


1 Cubic Yard
5 Gal Bucket
Dump Truck Delivery

…or come by our store in Marshfield, MO and we’ll help you load it

3/8″ Clean Limestone Chips

Available for pickup anytime during store hours. Call for delivery


This clean crushed limestone gravel is used primarily in projects as a leveling layer over compacted base, such as under pavers, retaining walls, or stone applications.


What is “clean” gravel?

Clean means that it doesn’t contain fines (the powder produced by crushing), allowing for better drainage.


Is crushed stone the same as pea gravel?

Crushed stone is a similar size to pea gravel, however pea gravel has more rounded edges, whereas crushed stone has a more angular appearance. While pea gravel feels nice underfoot, crushed stone is more desirable in building applications since it can be compacted. The angled edges become lodged and hold their shape better, where pea gravel’s round edges would allow the tiny pieces to roll around over time and cause the structure to fail.


Dump truck delivery charge is applicable for addresses within 15 driving miles of the store .

We can deliver most other material for $85 within 15 miles of the store, plus $6 each additional mile. See location

Most deliveries can be completed within a week.

Cubic Yard Calculator

Length (ft)
Width (ft)
Depth (inches)
Cubic Yards Needed
(Round Up to the Nearest Cubic Yard)


Find out more about estimating bulk materials here.

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