Grass Roots Garden Center & Gifts is ready to help design, install and/or maintain your beautiful landscapes.  We started in this industry as a professional mowing and landscaping company in 2000 named Custom Creations Landscaping & Lawn.  Through the years, the passion to open a retail store developed, but we have never forgotten our “roots.”  Custom Creations remains the main focus and a large part of our business.  Browse through our services offered, and click below for more info, to be linked to our Custom Creations website page.

Landscape Design

A lot of thought goes into achieving an effective landscape design. As the discipline where gardening and art intersect, landscape design demands both a knowledge of landscape plants’ growing requirements and an eye for arranging them.  Custom Creations holds this knowledge and will assist you with every aspect of your project from brainstorming, through design and cost estimation, to the final installation.

Landscape Design Consultation

Whether you just built a new home and are needing landscaping or you’re wanting to redo your existing landscape beds, a landscape design consultation is a great investment to see your vision come to life. Kevin at Custom Creations Landscaping & Lawn will meet with you to get eyes on your project, listen to your wants and needs, then balance between your personal style and the project’s potential.  Kevin will then customize a design to meet your specific desires and goals. Having been in the business since 2000, Kevin has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your vision to enhance the beauty and character of your home.

The cost of an on-site consultation and printed design is $300.

If you choose to use our installation services, a $100 credit will be applied.

What is included in a Landscape Design Consultation:

  • Kevin will come out and spend up to a half hour on-site
  • Fuel charges may apply to areas further than 20 miles away
  • Pictures will be taken and and rough sketches done
  • You will receive a printed picture of the landscaping design.
  • You will receive a plant and materials list needed to complete the landscaping project

* Larger scale projects, will require additional design time which will be billed at $75/design hour.

Landscape Maintenance

Proper landscaping maintenance will protect your landscaping investment, keep your plants looking their best, and create homeowner pride.  Grass Roots has everything you need to keep your landscape looking phenomenal with the knowledge, products, and our landscape maintenance services offered by Custom Creations Landscaping & Lawn! Call us today at 417-840-2863 to get a free consultation.

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Landscape Installation

Our installation team at Custom Creations Landscaping and Lawn will evaluate your job and use their extensive experience and creativity to complete your project.  We will provide a finished project that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Call 417-840-2863 for an estimate.

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