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Indoor plants

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House Plants at Our Garden Center

Visit us any time of year for an amazing selection of indoor and tropical potted plants. From succulents and cacti to terrariums, palms, and large show-stoppers, you’ll find the perfect plant for your needs. Our staff can help you select one for your needs- like low-light plants, low-maintenance plants, indoor/outdoor plants, air-purifying plants, hanging plants, trailing plants, flowering plants, and more.

If delivery is more your style, visit our online store, where you can have a beautiful plant sent to anyone in Marshfield, Missouri!

Indoor Plants
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Plant Pots

We also offer a beautiful selection of indoor pots so you can take your new flora home in style.

Potting Station

Use our potting station to do the dirty work at our place so there’s no cleanup at home.

Watering Tips

  • Our watering advice is based on plants living in a 72 degree house. Porch life or humidity could have an impact on its watering needs.
  • Always use tepid water for watering your houseplants.
  • Broadleaf plants need less water in fall and winter, but you should never allow the soil to completely dry out.
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