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Category: Outdoor Plant Care

Hear From the Experts

Pruning Tips

Here are some quick tips and techniques on pruning.

Fertilizing Your Landscape Plants

Just like our bodies, plants need supplemental nutrients. Below are some benefits of feeding plants: Types of Fertilizers There are many types of fertilizer on the market. Deciding on which to use can be challenging. Knowing what kind of plants you want to feed will help the decision process.

Mulching-In New Landscape Plants

Mulch is right behind watering in order of importance. The root system is the ‘heart’ of your plant and needs protection. Below are some benefits of mulch: How much mulch? A good rule of thumb is 2-3 inches in depth. Be sure the mulch is barely touching the trunk or

How to Water Newly-Planted Landscape Plants

Your trees, shrubs or flowers have been carefully planted at the proper depth, location and placement for optimal growth and aesthetics. The plants’ roots will take a few weeks to expand out into the parent soil from the root ball. The following guidelines will help you and your plants

Guide to Planting Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, and Shrubs

Perennials are plants that come back every year (herbs, flowers, hardy succulents, ground covers, etc.).  Ornamental perennial grasses that come in a wide range of sizes, both vertically and horizontally (Pampas Grass, Maiden Grass, Blue Stem, etc.). Here’s how to get them started right, after bringing them home from

Tree Planting & Staking Guide

There are many sizes of trees/shrubs and root balls. There are also different types of containers: plastic pots, ball n burlap, and metal cages. No matter the size or container the same planting guidelines apply.  1. Mark Utilities. Be sure to call 1-800-DIG-RITE to properly mark utilities BEFORE digging. 2. Dig the hole.

Your Guide to Drought-Resistant Landscaping in Missouri

Missouri’s weather has certainly kept our plants on their toes. First, the severe drought in the summer of 2022, followed by the harsh cold in December, dealt a tough blow to many of our beloved plants. And now, as we find ourselves grappling with another dry spell this spring,

The Benefits of Liquid Plant Probiotics

Some of us humans take probiotics after a course of antibiotics, and some of us take them daily to help our gut health. It seems the more we learn about these little microbes, the more we understand that they are essential for all life, including plants! At Grass Roots,


We have several tips and tricks for planting bulbs of all kinds. We also carry bulbs at our Garden Center!

Watering Tips

  • Our watering advice is based on plants living in a 72 degree house. Porch life or humidity could have an impact on its watering needs.
  • Always use tepid water for watering your houseplants.
  • Broadleaf plants need less water in fall and winter, but you should never allow the soil to completely dry out.
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