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About Us

Our Story

Our story began in 2000 as Kevin, owner of Custom Creations Landscaping & Lawn, started mowing lawns as a side business in high school to support himself through college. Through the years Kevin realized his interest was rapidly growing to include landscape design and construction, as well as plants and turf health. The business has continued to grow as has the passion inside of him. His love and talent for landscape design, teamed up with the many years of plant knowledge and skills learned in the landscaping industry, fueled his dream of opening a landscaping store. In 2003 he married Michelle, who has worked with him through many seasons and has also developed a love for plants.  With her help and encouragement, Kevin’s dream of opening the landscaping store he had envisioned became a reality in March, 2018. Together Kevin and Michelle work side by side to get high quality, cutting edge plants and professional landscaping supplies into the hands of homeowners and local landscape contractors. Kevin is excited to continue to design and build beautiful landscapes, give design tips, and educate customers on proper plant care and placement. Likewise, Michelle is excited to bring unique home decor and plant related items to their customers who enjoy making their lives beautiful and share their love of plants.

Our Name

The “Grass” part is very simple, Kevin started his journey in the industry by mowing grass. The “Roots” part is a little deeper. We have learned through the years how important it is to “always remember your roots.” It’s life’s journey and experiences that make you the person you are today. By remembering our “roots”, we learn from our past and stay grounded in who we really are. It’s also important to take care of your “roots”, not only literally in plants, but also physically and emotionally yourself.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide homeowners with high quality plants and landscaping materials, while also giving professional landscapers a local all-in-one supplier. We also strive to add beauty and a little fun to our customers’ lives with our unique gift shop items.

Our Team

We’ve built an amazing team that is passionate about serving our customers. We each bring unique skills to the table so you can get all your questions answered and the best service around.


As co-owner of Grass Roots, Michelle has curated the space, staff, products, and customer service that she would want while shopping. Her creativity keeps the store looking fresh with exciting gifts and plants each season.


Kevin runs our sister business, Custom Creations, and is the landscaping genius behind the garden center. As co-owner, he shares his expertise for professional-looking, long-lasting DIY landscaping projects.


Our store manager, Rachel keeps the shop running, all day, every day. If you’ve left the store with a smile on your face, it’s probably because of her! She’s also an expert photographer and the reason this website looks so dang good.


“The Plant Doctor” works as Turf & Horticultural Manager for both Grass Roots and Custom Creations. He puts his BS Major in Horticulture and Minor in Biology to work for you guys every single day!


As Office Manager, Cindy is the administrative motor that keeps the stores running. Someone has to like spreadsheets and QuickBooks, and we’re so thankful she does.

Watering Tips

  • Our watering advice is based on plants living in a 72 degree house. Porch life or humidity could have an impact on its watering needs.
  • Always use tepid water for watering your houseplants.
  • Broadleaf plants need less water in fall and winter, but you should never allow the soil to completely dry out.
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