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A Note From the Grass Roots Girl – Thoughts to Remember this Holiday Season

July 11, 2020

A Note from the Grass Roots Girl –

We are well into the holiday season, so all of the preparing, stressing, planning, memory-making and yearly traditions have already started in our home and I’m sure yours as well.  Because of this, I wanted to take time this week to share a couple of thoughts I’ve been having in hopes that it might inspire or help some of you in this fun yet stressful time of year.

Thought #1: Sensitivity throughout the holiday season.  Social media has us all looking so put together for our “picture perfect” holiday moments, but let’s be real, they’re usually not so perfect!  It’s also a time of year when people are buying and receiving gifts galore, yet the neighbor down the road can barely buy groceries or that kid in class’s best gift was getting new underwear and not the newest gaming systems with all of the bells and whistles.  I don’t say this to make anyone feel guilty or to take away from this wonderful time of year, but I wanted to share my heart as a reminder that the holidays aren’t the same for everyone.  It’s also a time of year when people have many firsts and sometimes they aren’t happy ones. Like, the first Christmas without their spouse, best friend, child.  Or even if it isn’t the first year, the fact that some of their loved ones are gone or not able to attend the events, makes the season and traditions a little tougher at times.

Thought #2: In our current era, our lives have become so hyper fast-paced.  Most families have two spouses working outside of the home; balance blended and divorced families; and children are involved in numerous activities, sports, clubs, and jobs, not to mention having homework most nights.  I know I personally struggle to be present and in the moment everyday, when the magical sparks of life happen that should totally take my breath away.  When I should see a miracle or a blessing, many times I overlook it because I’m so good at getting tasks accomplished that I’ve forgotten how to actually enjoy all of the special moments that should fill my heart and refresh my soul.

When we started finalizing our plans to open Grass Roots almost 2 years ago, we decided on the tagline “Always Remember Your Roots.”  At first glance since we sell plants, caring for the health of the roots of all plants is obvious.  But we also made this tagline because we truly care about people and feel that remembering where you come from and most importantly taking care of your personal roots is vitally important.  Today this tagline has encompassed me completely and means even more than it did the day Kevin and I created it.  Over the past two years, we have been able to help numerous customers with their landscaping projects; but more than that I feel sometimes we’ve been a friendly face they needed to talk to or just enjoyed the feeling they get when they’re in the store.  I have grown and matured more in these two years than I have my entire life and that is completely thanks to all of you!  I type this today to share my heart of gratitude and thanks for sticking with us the past two years with the store, and also for the business of Custom Creations the past 20 years… man that makes me feel old….

This holiday season I urge you all to be sensitive, generous, caring, and patient, and to slow your minds down so you can see the magic that comes with the holiday season.    

Have a wonderful rest of your holiday season from The Grass Roots Team & our guys from Custom Creations Landscaping!

“The Grass Roots Girl”

Michelle Runyon

Watering Tips

  • Our watering advice is based on plants living in a 72 degree house. Porch life or humidity could have an impact on its watering needs.
  • Always use tepid water for watering your houseplants.
  • Broadleaf plants need less water in fall and winter, but you should never allow the soil to completely dry out.